The Story Behind Old MacDonald Pt.2 “Applying”

Harvard finally got back. On April 1st, they said

“Dear Mr. MacDonald,

We are very happy to accept you. We look forward to having you here. Just please be careful on campus, our students love to prank each other.

Sincerely, Harvard University”

Gareth was very sad. They were pranking him. Obviously they were. It was April 1st and they mentioned pranking in the letter. He had a breakdown. Only one of his experiments had ever worked, and that was the one that was in Grade three, where he created a volcano out of vinegar and baking soda. He quit his job at FormulaCreators and went back to the gas station. Now he was 50 years old and no real job and he couldn’t get into University. At the gas bar everyone called him Old MacDonald. He was very sad. He wasn’t good at anything.

He wanted to do something with animals because he loved them so much. He decided he would be a dog walker. (Ha, I tricked you! You probably thought he would be a farmer!) He wasn’t that bright, so he never thought about being a farmer. He walked dogs every day for $10 per dog. He was making good money because he walked 20 dogs a day for every day. That means he was making $1400 per week! Not bad! He was also getting in daily exercise so he had a good job. However, something didn’t feel right.

In October, he received a letter from Harvard.

“Dear Mr. MacDonald,

We are surprised to find out you are not on Campus! We were hoping you would come this year. However, because you failed to give us notice, we are not letting you come to Harvard until next year.

Sincerely Harvard University”

Now he was very  sad. He thought it was a prank but it wasn’t! He kept on being a dog walker until the next summer, when he was very bored. He didn’t want to be a dog walker for life! He quit and applied for Harvard again. They accepted him. He used his money from dog walking for Harvard and his extra money to buy a nice sports car and a above-average house. He somehow had enough money for all this, although the house was a steal at only 400,00 grand for the 3,000 square house on each three floors.

You're not going to get accepted into a top university on merit alone

Stay Tuned for the Harvard Part of this story.

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The Story Behind Old MacDonald Pt. 1 “EIEIO”

Gareth MacDonald was a guy who worked at the gas station. He used to be a scientist but he quit when his 10th experiment in a row blew up in his face. He was working on a formula to make pigs grow an extra piece on their body so they could stay alive while part of them was turned into bacon. He cared for animals deeply, but he cared for bacon more. He tried it on the pig but it actually grew and extra leg that the pig used to kick Gareth into next week. He wasn’t making very good pay at FormulaCreators anyway, so he quit.

He never went to high school but he had a brilliant mind on how to mix chemicals, so he tried to get another job in that field. Unfortunately, since he didn’t have a diploma, he didn’t get a job. He started at a local high school and aced all the chemistry classes. Because he was already 47, he had picked up a lot of things he needed in high school so he finished school in 2 years. He needed money to apply for Harvard, his dream University that he had a chance getting into, so he went became a used car dealer. He was not very good at convincing people because he always wanted people to get the best for them, so he would rarely sell cars. Often his conversations would go like this:

“Golly, I would really like this car!!” The buyer would say.

“Yes, it looks very nice. But it is breaking down. It’s break pads don’t work, and it costs a lot to fill up with fuel. You might as well buy a new Corvette.”

He was fired after the 5th week.

He started working at the gas station until he found a high paying job. By this time he was 49, and he was living in an old apartment with a 1992 car that should’ve been crushed 15 years ago. After 4 months of that job, he quit and went to work at FormulaCreators again when they offered him top dollar to come back and work as manager. When he went back, he got a lot of money. He applied to Harvard  very early to show he was very interested. His field was being a scientist. Will Harvard ever get back? Stay tuned to read “The Story Behind Old MacDonald Pt. 2”

Bacon - Wikipedia

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If I Was Stranded

If I was stranded on an abandoned island I would be kind of scared but it would be pretty cool as well. All my days of watching survivor would come in handy. I would first look around for a stream somewhere to get some water. I would try and find a stone that has a hole in it so I could have a bowl to scoop water out of. Maybe I would go into the ocean and get Oyster shells as bowls. Once I would find a source of water I would start exploring the Island.

I would search the island for food and shelter. My shelter would be close to the stream and close to the beach so I could get water and go swimming or fishing. I would look around for some sticks my height and some fruit. If I found some fruit I would have a good source of food and if I found some sticks I would sharpen the end with a rock so I could go fishing and also hunt animals. I would also have to find some rocks and cut a hole in a bamboo strip. Then I would start rubbing the bamboo strip on a stick and it would start a fire. Or I would try and find some broken glass that was littered and traveled to that island and use the glass to concentrate the suns light to make a fire.

I would build a shelter by kicking down some weak trees and setting them up on trees. Then I would take some bamboo and get some sharp rocks. I would cut the bamboo in half and get some more half bamboos so that I could set that up on top of the frame of my shelter. That would make my  base very smooth. Then I would take some palm branches and braid them together like in survivor and set those down as my pillow. Then I would take some more wood and place it a couple feet above the first floor and use that as another base where I put more bamboo and palm branches on top of it. That way the rain couldn’t drip on me and if there was any snakes they wouldn’t come bite me. I would practice lighting fires very fast so that if a ship or helicopter went over it would act as a flare to get me off the island.

That is how I would survive if I was stranded.

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Forget the Moat and Make Your Startup a Tropical Island

Connor Bedard

Hello, today for my blog I am going to write about Connor Bedard. He is a great player and has a great name for hockey.

This is really weird, but currently a lot of the best players or really good players have the first name Connor. Connor McDavid, Connor Hellebucyk, Connor Garland and Connor Bedard. Garland, of course, is not an extremely good player, but he is one of the best players on the Coyotes. Connor Bedard, however, is in McDavid range. He has the highest points percentage of any player who got exceptional player status, and if you include the hockey greats, the only player he has a lesser points percentage than Gretzky, but Gretzky’s first game was when he was a 16 year old. Bedard has 18 goals, and 10 assists for 28 points, in 15 games. Almost 2 points for game as a first year fifteen year old!!! I think he could be better than Connor McDavid depending on which team he gets on in the NHL. McDavid might have less points if Draisaitl wasnt there, but then again, every team has one offensive superstar and a secondary player, so Bedard would most likely have someone good to play with.

Connor Bedard was born on July 15th 2005, in North Vancouver, BC. He is a center that stands at 5’9″ and 181 lbs. He played with the West Vancouver academy bantam prep team that is part of the CSSHL, the highest league before the CHL. He was the first player ever granted exceptional player status in the WHL. At the WJC U-18 tournament, he had 12 points in 6 games. He currently plays for the Regina St. Pats in the dub. He is the top prospect for the 2023 NHL draft.

Connor Bedard’s agent is Greg Landry. He has been famous since only 13 when he was still playing in the CSSHL. I think he is going to be the same or better than Connor McDavid. Bedard’s specialty is everything. He can dish the puck, but he is an exceptional scorer with good skating. I think he is going to be like Auston Matthews except that he will be a good skater too. I am predicting he will win 4 Stanley Cups, 13 Art Ross Trophies, the Calder, and 7 Rocket Richard trophies. This might be a bit extreme, but he is such a good player that it is definitely possible. Who knows, he might get an 70 goal season in his prime.  His only problem will be physicality at being such a small player, but small players can get in there and he is so good, he might be able to stickhandle and skate around everybody and need no physicality. There seems to be a pattern. Gretzky wore 99, and McDavid wears 97. Gretzky is better than McDavid, so maybe, because Bedard wears 98, Bedard will be better than McDavid and almost as good as Gretzky.

Pats Connor Bedard to train in Sweden ahead of WHL season – Regina Pats

Pats' Bedard to represent Canada at U18 world championship | 650 CKOM


This is a website about Bedard at the U18 worlds,  and here is his elite prospects page.

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The Rink

Today I am going to be blogging about The Rink

The Rink is a player development facility where hockey players can train. It is also the home of the Winnipeg Ice, Winnipeg’s WHL team. There is three sheets of ice and a gym. One sheet is the full sized ice and is where the Ice play and some of the groups play. One sheet is a training sheet that is  a bit smaller than real sized ice, and one is a goalie sheet that is very small but can fit two nets the creases and a bit of space in the middle. There is two locations, The Rink North, which is the old seven oaks arena, and The Rink South, which is close to Oak Bluff and the one that I usually go to.

Home | RINK Player Development

This is The Rink South


The Rink’s gym is called testify performance. It is really cool. They have things called keiser’s and they are basically weights but air filled so if you are too young to do weights you can do the keisers instead. They also have weights and medicine balls and a 20 yard turf. They are also always playing really good music so it is fun to work out. I’m guessing that is in a normal gym but I have never been in any other gym so I think it is pretty cool.  They also have bikes and treadmills and a thing  called a sled push, which is really hard but kind of fun.

Gallery | RINK Testify Performance South

The Rink also has a high school called Rink Hockey Academy, or RHA, and it is part of the CSSHL, which has Shattocks St. Mary’s in it. That is the school Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews went to. Their team has had players who will be good soon, like Matthew Savoie, Carson Lambos, and Seth Jarvis, who have all went there at some point. Their school is really high level hockey and if you want to take the NCAA route then you can stay there, or if you want to go to the CHL you can play there for two years. You can’t go to the NCAA after playing a single game of CHL so if you want to play hockey in college going to the CSSHL is the best route.

ISO: Seth Jarvis | Rink Hockey Academy - YouTube

That is Seth Jarvis on the RHA team

Winnipeg ICE show off new training center during development camp -  Winnipeg |

Winnipeg Ice locker room

Home | RINK Player Development

training sheet group skate

The Home of Hockey Development

The rinks logo

Thank you for reading. Here is a link to The Rink’s website, and here is a link to an awesome blog, and a link to a really cool blog                                          .

Honour Blog

I found Ty’s  blog interesting because I like doing the mysteries on 5 Minute Mysteries too. I think it is fun to try and solve the mysteries. If you want to read the blog follow this link                                                                                                                                                                                                           .


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My predictions for this NHL season

This NHL season is almost done, so I thought I should make predicton’s. I will write a bit on some of my choices

North Division winner: Toronto Maple Leafs

West division winner:  Colorado Avalanche

East Division Winner: New York Islanders

Central Division Winner: Tampa Bay Lightning

Campbell Trophy: Winnipeg Jets

Prince Of Wales Trophy: Washington Capitals

Stanley Cup: Washington Capitals

The Capitals have an old team that is very well experienced in the playoffs and I think Chara is bringing a new fire to the team, and because the Capitals have so old players, they will be hungry to win the cup one last time. The Capitals still have enough in them to win another one. Mantha was a good trade that shows the Capitals are going all in this year. If the Capitals don’t win, they will be in trouble for their future, but they have a solid hungry team.

The Washington Capitals, After Years of Frustration, Win the Stanley Cup -  The New York Times

Presidents Trophy: Tampa Bay Lightning

Player Awards:

Rocket Richard: Connor McDavid

Art Ross: Connor McDavid

Norris: Victor Hedman

Vezina: Andrei Vasilevsky

Hart Trophy: Patrick Kane

Calder Trophy: Kirill Kaprizov

Kaprizov has been on fire this year, with 38 points as the rookie leader in points, and he is 20th in goals this year. He isn’t on a super good team so it makes it more impressive. And his goals haven’t been weak either, a lot of them have been highlight reel goals. The next best rookie is Robertson, who has 36 points, but he has a more offensive team of Benn, Seguin, Klingberg, and Radulov.

Let Kirill Kaprizov Be Kirill Kaprizov | Zone Coverage

Ted Lindsay: Connor McDavid

Selke: Mark Stone

Stone is among the best +- in the league and he has so far excelled defensivley with the Golden Knights. Many say that he is the best pickpocketter in the league, and I agree with that. He is really good at blocking passes while also being a great scoring player. He has a lot of points this year but he has been playing very good at defense. He is definitely worth the “C” on his jersey.

Mark Stone leads Golden Knights to win in season opener | Las Vegas  Review-Journal

Lady Bing: Nathan Mackinnon

King Clancy: Patrick Kane

Jack Adams: Joel Queeneville


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NHL 2021 Trade Deadline

Hello everyone. Happy Friday. As you may know, the NHL trade deadline is coming up. Today I am going to post mock trades that could happen.

  1. Nashville Receives:                                            Winnipeg Receives:

Matthieu  Perrault                                                            Matthias Ekholm

Kristian Vesalainen                                                            2021 7th round pick

2021 1st round pick

2021 conditonal 5th round pick (Making the playoffs)

Nashville Predators: Mattias Ekholm An Unsung Hero at All-Star Break

The Jets need a top 4 defense and the Predators are a team that is doing surprisingly good as of late but it is now or never to improve their future. Vesalainen is a bright young star and Perrault is a 3-4 liner who would only be in to balance out the cap space but he can also get a spark and really dig for the puck and put the puck in the net. The Predators would be ok with  getting rid of a 7th for a conditional 5th that is almost guaranteed. I think that the conditonal fifth and the seventh wouldn’t have to happen but Nashville might want more for Ekholm and the Jets aren’t going to get rid of all their picks because they need a future.

2. Buffalo Receives                            Edmonton Receives:

2021 1st round                                   Taylor Hall ($3,325,000 retained)

2021 3rd round

2022 3rd round

James Neal

Sabres' Taylor Hall open to signing extension with new team if traded

This trade is kind of unrealistic but depending on how much Buffalo wants to get rid of Hall it is possible. The 3rd rounds aren’t necessary but the retained salary could sting Buffalo so they have to get something in return for that much retained. It has to be retained so the trade is possible. Buffalo’s asking price is a 1st and a prospect but that is pretty much guaranteed not gonna happen so this is the next best thing.  Edmonton needs a top six and Taylor Hall is the best one available.

Toronto receives                                 Colombus receives

David Savard  ($600,000 retained)              Alex Kerfoot

2021 6th round pick

2021 2nd round pick

Toronto has an all around good team but getting a good defense would really help them out. The retained salary is not much but Savard is worth a good amount of draft picks. The 6th is just to even out the retained salary and the 2nd could be a first depending on how much Colombus wants. Toronto has so many forwards that could fit in the top six that getting rid of Alex Kerfoot wouldn’t change anything.

Addition By Subtraction: How The Blue Jackets' Loss of Jack Johnson Will  Help David Savard Shine | 1st Ohio Battery

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Another random blog

Hi, today I am going to write a random blog with cool things.

Mirrors don’t break, they multiply

We will never know what the flavour of things filled with other flavours are (Pie, Cupcakes, Cake)

We can’t explain how our tongue tastes

Red would be a positive colour if we decided that it was years ago

If Canada owned Alaska, we would be a Peninsula

Words are really just jumbled letters that at some point we decided would be words

Here is some funny pictures

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