Spring Hockey

Hello, today I will talk about my spring hockey this year.

Spring hockey is an extra small season during the spring when kids’ regular season hockey is over. Most of the teams is either in Winnipeg or  Brandon for Manitoba. There is two organizations that make spring hockey in Winnipeg. MJI (Manitoba Junior Ice) and PHD (Proffesional Hockey Developement). MJI has more teams but I play on PHD. PHD’s teams are the PHD Elite, PHD silver, and PHD black. I am on the silver which is the second best team. We played the black and won 6-5 while missing some players and they were also missing some players, however if we both had all our players I think we still would have won because I think our team is better.

In spring hockey the main way of playing is by tournaments. We played 3 tournaments this year. The first one was the Spring Shootout, which we lost in the bronze game to the MJI Chill. Then we had a Regina Tournament that we played in the Gold division for some reason instead of the silver so we were playing against 6 foot beasts who I can barely believe are 2009’s. We got clobbered. Our only game we scored a goal was in the last one where we lost 13-5. Throughout that tournament I had a lot of close chances of scoring or getting assists but I was barely missing the back of the net. In the first tournament I did not play great but in the last game I got a goal and an assist. I also levelled some kids through those tournaments, since this year hitting started.

The final tournament was the North American Hockey Classic Super Elite tournament. I missed our first game for the band concert but the won 4-1. Our goalie faced 45 shots and let in only one goal. For the next game I came back and played a good game but I had no goals but I had some good chances and levelled someone. In the second game I hit a couple kids and also scored a  goal. We got a power play and our center, Jimmy, won the puck back to our defense, Cole. He shot it low and I tipped it with my stick the opposite direction of where it was going. The goalie got a piece of it but left a rebound for an easy tap in. The third game started at 8:00 so I had to get up at 6:30. Luckily where I was staying was close to the arena. Some kids had to get up at around 4 or 5 because they were out of the city. In that game I cranked someone and had two goals. One of them was basically the exact same play as the goal in the game before, but my second goal was different. Our center won the faceoff forward and battled the puck through past both the defense. He couldn’t get to the puck in time so I grabbed it and had a breakaway. I sniped it middle left. With two goals and a big hit I got the Game Star. Then, the next day in the gold medal game, I had so many chances where I almost scored but couldn’t get it in. At first I was on the penalty kill and the puck was getting tossed around in their zone. They made a mistake and the puck went free at about the top of the left circle. I was circling back from the lower circle and picked up the puck. First I had to skate around one defenseman protecting the puck. Then when I got free I saw the opportunity and backhand toe dragged around the other defense. Then I had a free shot on net. I saw the mid-low left side of the net open so I went for it but I hit the post and it bounced out the other side. Then, on another PK, I hopped on the ice right when the puck was coming to my area. I picked it up and skated in a little bit. Then I shot from above the circles. It was a muffin but looked like it was heading top cheese. Then, unfortunately, it dinged off the crossbar. We still won the game and celebrated with our gold medal and banner. It was a great way to finish off the spring season.

Here is a link to the North American Hockey Classic Super Elite website.                           



Stanley Cup finals

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, let me introduce you to our future Stanley Cup Finalists.

First up we have the Colorado Avalanche who are led by MacKinnon, Rantanen and Makar. They are a powerhouse in the regular season but have had trouble the last few years in the yoffs. However, this year they have had a new fire with their new goalie Darcy Kuemper. Can they finally win another cup?

Next we have the BACK TO BACK DEFENDING CHAMPS who have terrorized their opponents in the playoffs with a mix of offensive firepower of Kucherov, Point, and Stamkos, and defensive lockdown, with Hedman, Sergachev, McDonaugh, and their depth liners on the offense. When they can’t get enough offense to win the game, their goalie denies every chance. Andrei Vasilevskiy recently had a 49 save shutout and could possibly backstop them to  another cup.

For offense, this series is pretty close, but I think Tampa Bay slightly takes the hand in this one. They have more players who bring the offense every game. Kucherov, Stamkos, Point, Cirelli, and Hedman on the back can slightly outdo MacKinnon, Rantanen, Landeskog, Makar, and Kadri. And if Tampa Bay’s big 5 don’t score, secondary players like Perry and Killorn can step up. Colorado’s secondary players are not as good.

For defenseman, the Avs are winning by a small margin. If Girard was playing it would be wider, but without Girard Makar and Toews have to carry. Erik Johnson can support but not at a high level. Still though, those are better than Hedman, Sergachev, and McDonaugh. Plus, Makar provides excellent offense. However, if you take into account the last defender (a.k.a. the goalie) then Tampa Bay wins this by a landslide (or should I say, an avalanche). Kuemper is  a very good goalie, don’t get me wrong, but Andrei Vasilevskiy is insanely dominant, especially in the playoffs. He is the greatest goalie on the planet and the way he is playing he is at the rate of a top 8 goalie of all time. He literally single handedly got the Lightning the dub in game 4 with a 49 save shutout. So all in all, the Lightning could win the cup if they play their best game. If the Avs play one bad game they are done, and I think the Lightning are good enough experienced they could recover from any series deficit if they really have to. I have the Lightning in 6.

Here is a link to the NHL website and here is a link to a video of a replay of Vasilevskiy’s best saves of his 49 save shutout.                                                                                                                        


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Stanley Cup: Watching Lightning celebrate in empty arena was strange

WW Publication #3 Hockey’s Next GOAT

For my WW I did it on Hockey’s Next Goat, Connor Bedard.


May 3

Writers Workshop

Mr. Ewert

Hockey’s Next GOAT

Connor Bedard. If you haven’t heard his name before you must not follow hockey. He is a 16 year old who plays for the Regina Pats of the WHL, but he’s in his second season because he got exceptional player status. Only the best players get exceptional player status, including Connor McDavid, Shane Wright, John Tavares, and Aaron Ekblad. If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, listen to this; In the 15 games Bedard played last year, he had 12 goals and 16 assists for 28 points! Almost two per game!

Connor Bedard doesn’t need to be watched to see that he is a good player. All you have to do is look at his stats and you can tell. As I said, he had 28 points in 15 games. Compare that to Connor McDavid, who only had 66 points in 63 games. Obviously McDavid had more points in his exceptional player year, but that’s only because of COVID. If Bedard played 63 games, I can guarantee you he would have had more than 66 points. The PPG average is pretty obvious to see Bedard did better. Now compare this to Wayne Gretzky’s first year in the CHL, when he was 16! Gretzky put up 182 points, 70 goals, in 64 games. Obviously this is better than Bedard, but Wayne was one year older and had only 1 PPG more, which is not that bad, especially compared to McDavid, who was about 2 PPG off Gretzky’s average.


This year Bedsy got off to a slow start but he came back from the World Juniors on fire, with a 20 game point streak. He had 21 goals and 42 points in that span. It was also one of the longest point streaks in WHL history! Still not as good as Gretzky, but considering how the game has changed with better defense and less scoring in games, I would argue that his stats are comparable to Gretzky’s. And, in Bedard’s WJC appearance as a 16 year old, before it got cancelled for COVID, he made history by being the youngest player to score 4 goals in WJC  history ever! He recorded 5 points in 2 games in total, which is 2.5 PPG. Connor McDavid, at the same age,  had only 11 points in 7 games, which is under 2 PPG.  Wayne Gretzky had 17 points in 6 games, which is actually close to Bedsy’s 2.5 PPG average, because Wayne had under 3 PPG, at the same age back when goals were scored all the time. Sidney Crosby had 5 points in 6 games. Bedard equaled that in 4 less games! Auston Matthews, on the U.S. U20 team, had only 3 points in 5 games. So, as you can tell, Bedard is a very good player against any competition. This year, after the World Juniors, Bedard had 45 points in 21 games, at 2.14 PPG. That’s insane.

Connor Bedard is basically a sure thing. I have never seen a single place say he is projected to be drafted anywhere besides number one. A big reason why he is so good is because he uses Bauer. Connor McDavid uses CCM and that’s why he hasn’t delivered at his expected Gretzky-like stats. Bauer is mostly lighter and has better grip on their sticks. Bedard uses Bauer so he has a better chance. That’s just a joke, but you can tell Bedard has style because he uses Bauer.

Here are some fun facts about him: Bedard is a centre for the Regina Pats of the WHL. He is the first player to ever get exceptional player status in the WHL. He was drafted 1st overall in the 2020 WHL bantam draft to the Regina Pats. He is about 5’8” and 178.5 pounds. Bedsy is his nickname. His Zodiac Sign in Cancer. In 2018, he was named the future of hockey by the Hockey News. He played bantam with the West Van. Academy Prep of the CSSHL, playing with the U15 and U18 a year early for both. He is 7th on the CSSHL U15 PPG all time list playing 50 games and getting 88 points, and 64 goals. He has the highest amount of goals in a season ever as well. He has won the CSSHL U15 MVP and U18 MVP, in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, he won WHL rookie of the year. He also won the U18 worlds with Team Canada, getting 7G and 7A in 7 games, for 2PPG last year.

This year, he captained the U18 Team Canada but they unfortunately lost very early. Even with the slow start this season, he finished 4th in points with 100, and second in goals with 51 goals and 49 assists. He was only 12 points behind first place and one goal behind the goal leader. Keep in mind Bedard is only 16, which is the age for the average WHL rookie. So he is playing against people up to 5 years older than him and he dominates more than almost all of them. That’s just insane.

Connor Bedard is also very good in a different style than we’ve ever seen before. He has a wicked wrister and loves to toe drag straight into it, which would draw comparison to Auston Matthews. Then he is also insane with his puck skills and is really confident to try any move, which would draw Patrick Kane comparisons, and a little bit of Zegras or Matthews again. Plus, he has amazing hockey sense, like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, or Wayne Gretzky.

He can skate fast enough, but I would say that’s the one area he lacks to become the NHL’s GOAT. In that case, he is more like Crosby. He can use good speed to get by people but relies more on stickhandling since he isn’t blindingly fast. However, he might not need that extra speed. Bedard’s style of play would relate the most to Matthews or Kane, in my opinion, but his places where he relates are better than Matthews’ and Kane’s skillsets in those areas. If Bedard ever starts a toe drag on a defense, you know he is going to get the puck to an area where he can wire one past the goalie, or, he might dangle the player until their ankles give way. Both have been seen multiple times. His game is very outstanding, and with some improving, could turn into the best player the game has ever seen. With still another year before he reaches the NHL, that is enough time to develop his skills into a monster.

Connor Bedard is exceptional. His stats show it, his awards show it, his style of play shows it. He is drawing comparisons to almost every great player in hockey. With one more year until his NHL journey begins, I think he has the time to improve and surpass all of them. He might just be the next GOAT.

Regina Pats' Connor Bedard named Western Hockey League's top rookie for  2020-21 | Globalnews.ca

Stanley Cup Prediction

If you read my earlier blogs, you will know I made Playoff predictions. However, many of my predictions for the playoff series got messed up because different teams played eachother and I realized I had different predictions. It would be too late to redo the first rounds so I am just going to do the conference finals and then the Stanley Cup final. Lots of people think the Toronto Maple Leafs will finally win the cup, however, that’s what they said last year and you know what happened last year, so I disagree. Also, the Florida Panthers won the President’s trophy, which has proven to be a curse, so I am going to have different predictions than many other people who think the President’s trophy curse will be ended. Today I am going to predict the Conference Finals in each side, Western Eastern.

First up is Edmonton vs. Colorado.

I think Edmonton will be able to battle their way through the first two rounds, barely getting through a rough Alberta series vs. Calgary. Colorado, on the other hand, will have an easy first round glide and then a pretty simple second round vs. the Wild, going to 5 or 6 games. Nathan MacKinnon is a beast in the playoffs and I think he can clean up vs the weak depth Oilers. On offense, the starting lineup is pretty close, with Kane, McDavid, and Draisaitl comparing to Landeskog, MacKinnon, and Rantanen. However, for depth, Colorado is deeper than the Pacific ocean, and Edmonton is as deep as a kiddie pool. Defense, Nurse and Barrie are way less than Makar and Girard and Toews. For goalies, Kuemper could backstop the Avalanche to the finals without all this help. Mike Smith is inconsistent and we never know when he will perform or not. This series should be another easy one for the Avs, and I think they can put it away in 5 games.

In the East we will have the Rangers vs the Lightning.

Igor Shesterkin will carry the Rangers this far basically by himself. The Rangers are a great offensive team but they give up way to many chances. The Lightning will easily capitalize with their depth and the series will not have any problems with Kreider, Panarin, or Zibanejad. And Vasilevskiy can turn into a beast come playoff time and could play insanely good. Point, Kucherov, and Stamkos will be too much for the lack of Rangers defense. This series will send the Lightning to the finals for the third straight year.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Wikipedia

Colorado Avalanche - Wikipedia

NHL unveils new design for Stanley Cup logo

Thanks for reading! Next time we are going to cover the finals, with the Avalanche vs. the Lightning. Here is a link to NHL’s website and here is two links to cool and another cool blog.

Here is a video to Connor McDavid rapping when he was 7 years old!                                                                                                             


Rising Stars Weekend

I was gone from school on Thursday and Friday because I had Rising Stars. Rising Stars is a team of the best 2nd year ’09 from each region so I am on the Interlake team. The Interlake team normally doesn’t win any games, but last weekend we finished with a record of 1-2-1, which isn’t terrible. I had an assist and 2 goals but the ref called off both my goals because he asked the other teams goalie if it went in and obviously their goalie said no just so my goal wouldn’t count so the only stat I had that counted was my assist. We played with 3 centers, 4 sets of wingers, and 7 defenseman. I was one of the centers with Madden and Justin, but Jacob played center too.

In our first game we did not play very good. We lost to Central Plains 5-1. In our second game, we started off pretty bad in the first period but then we played really good in the second two periods and evened it out 4-4. In overtime, it was 3-on-3. I had the puck and got around the defense. I tried to take a quick shot and the goalie reached out his toe and barely saved it. Then Yellowhead, which was the team we lost to, went down and sniped a goal right after that. It was sad but it was also our first point on the Rising Stars. Our next game was against NorMan. Their best player was missing, because he was at the RHA u-15 tryout. I was going to be there too but the Rising Stars games were interfering so unfortunately I couldn’t go.

Against NorMan our team played really good. We won 5-1. It should have been 7-1, but the goalie kept lying to the ref and the ref believed him so neither of my goals counted. That was really frustrating but at least we won. Then, in our last game, we played Eastman. Last time we played them we lost 10-0. They won the City Banner so it would be really hard for our team to beat them since we are Interlake. We started off well with a few scoring chances and held them to 2-0 through the first 16 minutes. Then they scored twice more in the last two minutes, although one of the goals didn’t go in, but this time the ref decided not to ask the goalie. In the second period we played really good again and they only scored 3 goals that period. Our games were not supposed to be hitting but the refs literally called nothing besides weak trips so we were levelling Eastman kids left and right. I levelled one kid open ice and two kids on the boards in that period. To give you an idea of how the refs called nothing, when I hit someone into the boards he grabbed my head, pushed it down and then held me there and the ref didn’t care. Then I tripped him as we were leaving that scrum and the ref still didn’t care. I wouldn’t have tripped him but I’m not going to just stand there and let someone manhandle me so I had to. In the third period, we didn’t play good at all. Most of us gave up and I don’t even know the final score because they stopped putting it on the scoreboard after 9-0. All in all, though, it was a good weekend.

Here is a link to Hockey Manitoba’s website, thanks for reading.                                                            

CCM Rising Stars PLUS+

That’s our logo.

CCM Rising Stars Plus+ Program

That’s what our jerseys look like, but that’s not our team.

Predictions for NHL Playoffs part 3 Pacific Divsion

Welcome back to my playoff predictions. This week we are going to predict the outcomes of the Pacific division.

First up is the Calgary Flames taking on the Nashville Predators.

This series has a chance at a sweep. However, the other way than you are thinking. I think Nashville will take this series. Although, it is going to be close games almost all the way through. I think maybe a Game 5 Preds win would make the most sense. In the season series, Nashville has both games won in OT and a shootout. So obviously it is close, but the Predators have playoff experience and a slight edge. Starting off with the forwards. Johnny Gaudreau is the star in this series. He will be the only reason the Flames can get close in their games. Matthew Tkachuk is pretty good but I think he will try to be more of a rat than a threat in the playoffs because he will think that would help more. However, the Predators are pretty tough and I think they can easily take on dirty Matty. Nashville doesn’t have a 100 point scorer on offense, but Duchene has been insane this year with a 40 goal season.  Filip Forsberg has a 1.19 PPG average. Johanson has a 0.8 PPG  and can step up if he needs to. For defense Nashville has the obvious edge. Rasmus Andersson and Noah Hanfin are decent. Roman Josi, though, is insane. He has a possible chance at 100 points this year, although he will probably end at over 90. He has 20 goals as a defense! Plus he is great at defense.  Mathias Ekholm is really good at defense and Ryan Ellis is about Rasmus Andersson level. The only way Calgary could pull this out is their goalie. Markstrom is really good this year. Saros is also pretty good this year, but not quite as good as Markstrom. If Calgary pulls this one out it will be because for at least 4 games Markstrom will be a brick wall. However, when the pressure gets turned on, Saros is insane too. I think Nashville is going to upset the Calgary Flames and move on to the second round using only 5 of 7 games.

Calgary Flames finally back playing after COVID protocol

Nashville Predators Prepare for Free Agency with Money to Spend

Next is Edmonton Oilers vs. Los Angeles Kings

I think Edmonton can take this one. In the season series they are 3-1-0 against the Kings. The Kings have a couple old washed up players who have playoff experience, but their star players besides Kopitar are too young. They could pull out a couple wins but I don’t think LA has a chance at this series. First up, offense: McDavid and Draisaitl is so much better than anyone and combined they are insane. Plus, Hyman, and  Nuge, are pretty good too. On the Kings, Kopitar with a 0.81 PPG average is their best player. Then it’s Kempe, who can score goals  when needed, and Danault, who might not even get 50 points this year! Oilers have offense in the bag. Then we have defense. Tyson Barrie and Darnell Nurse are solid and the  rest of the Oilers defense is okay as well. Duncan Keith has lots of experience in the playoffs and could help the team through this series. On the Kings, Drew Doughty has a 0.79 PPG and is solid at defense, but the next best defense on their team is Sean Durzy. Edmonton takes that easily. Then goaltending. Mike Smith showed he still had it last year but this year he has lost some skill. However, I would take him over any LA Kings goalie any day. Edmonton is sweeping this series 4-0.

4/6 Practice - Busy w/ Bodies + Full-Team Practice, Special Teams Notes,  Peters On Prospects - LA Kings Insider

Five questions facing Edmonton Oilers


Edmonton Oilers vs Nashville Predators

I think Edmonton has this series also but it will be a lot closer. Edmonton beat Nashville last time they played 4-0, but that might have been a fluke. I think Game 6 is where Edmonton will make it to the Conference finals. On offense, obviously McDavid, Draisaitl, Nuge, and Hyman is better than Duchene, Johanson, and Forsberg. On defense, Josi, Ekholm, and Ellis is slightly better than Nurse, Barrie, and Keith, but not by so much that it will make a difference in the series. In goaltending, Saros will be able to be a better goalie, but Mike Smith can hold his own enough to save the team. I think every game will be close, but Nashville needs to shut down McDavid and Draisaitl. Edmonton needs to shut down Josi, Duchene, and Forsberg. Even though Nashville has more players that are threats, you can tell who is going to be bigger problems. Edmonton can take this series in Game 6.

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Edmonton Oilers rally for thrilling win over Rangers on Kevin Lowe Night at  Rogers Place - Edmonton | Globalnews.ca

Here is a link to ESPN’s playoff picture and matchups.                                        




Top 5 NHL players of the future

Hey guys how’s it going. Today I am going to choose my top 5 NHL players of the future. This is any hockey player 21 and under.

5. Lucas Raymond

Guys, you can’t blame me for this. I might have a bit of the Red Wings bias but Raymond is leading all rookies in points. He has hockey iq off the charts. He is an amazing two way player. He can be snapping quick shots at one end, or setting up brilliant plays, or at the other end he could be stopping a chance for the opposition. Trevor Zegras is very offensive minded and likes playing around with the puck, like Patrick Kane. I view Raymond as his own player. He can be like Zegras if he wants to but he can also play good defense. Lucas Raymond could be a 100 point scorer one day, and also have a defensive side to him as well. The closest comparison in my opinion is Barkov, but I think Raymond is a bit more of an offensive threat. Lucas Raymond misses out on All-Star Game after final vote

4. Moritz Seider

I promise this is not the Red Wings bias. Moritz Seider and his 6’4″ frame is already possibly the best draft pick in his draft. He was projected from 20th to the 2nd round, but Yzerman saw something special in him and thank goodness he did. Seider is honestly just insane. Plus he has wicked flow, but that’s beside the point. The players who have more points than him in his draft class also have over double the games. And he is a defenseman. He would come in behind Jack Hughes (By 0.02%) and Trevor Zegras (By 0.08%) in points percentage. AND HE”S A DEFENSE. I think it is a fair argument that he is the best player from his draft class. Him, along with Adam Fox and Cale Makar, are the next generation of Franchise defenseman.

Quick Hits: The Sensational Moritz Seider Edition - Winging It In Motown

3. Shane Wright

You might be surprised that Wright is coming in at third, but I think his NHL comparison is Nathan MacKinnon and Matvei Michkov (Ranked number 2) is just another level. He isn’t quite Connor McDavid, but I would say he is closer than Nathan MacKinnon, potential wise. But nonetheless, Shane Wright is a really good player. Last year in the Canada U-18’s, he had 14 points in 5 games, which is almost 3 points per game! He has excellent leadership ability. Watching his highlights, he looks identical to Nate Mac. Both of them have great ability to take quick wristers with no windup that are hard and accurate. Nathan Mackinnon is a really good player, and Shane Wright looks like he will be too. His stats in the OHL are pretty good too. This player with exceptional player status has put up 84 points in 58 games and is projected for 93 in 64. That is very good.

Habs Headlines: Wright — Montreal would be “unbelievable place to play” - Eyes On The Prize

2. Matvei Michkov

Matvei Michkov is pretty crazy. He has a lot of confidence and loves making fancy plays. He looks like a Connor McDavid but not as fast. Like Patrick Kane but I think he has better hockey iq. Michkov compared to Zegras is also interesting. I think Zegras is like Michkov but Michkov has better skills at making plays with no time. Zegras needs more time to make a nice play. Michkov has been seen making plays out of nothing. I think Connor McDavid is the closest comparison to Michkov, but not quite at the same level. He is very close to Connor, though. His MHL stats (Which is the second best Russian league) is better than basically any other player. He has 38 points in 22 games, and 22 goals in that time. Almost 2 points per game! That is insane. For sure, Matvei Michkov deserves the hype.

Nobody Can Stop 16-Year-Old Phenom Matvei Michkov - The Hockey News


1.Connor Bedard

He might be the next Wayne Gretzky. He could honestly score 2000 points if he stays healthy. He probably won’t score as much points as Wayne because the game has changed, but I do believe Bedard will be able to score 2000 points and have a 150 point season. He looks better than Connor McDavid right now. Bedard’s comparison would be McDavid. He has good hockey iq, but his specialness is his speed that he does everything at, and his way of firing a wicked wrister from any angle through any body and still scoring. His most special move is his toe-drag shot that is almost guaranteed to score every time. Bedard also has lots of confidence with the puck and will pull of any special type of move if the opportunity presents itself. Last year, Bedard, as a 15 year old, played 15 games in the WHL and scored 28 points. Almost 2 points per game as a 15 year old! His point-per-game average was better than McDavid. This year he got off to a slow start, but since coming back from the juniors (Where he made a record as the youngest player to score 4 goals from Canada) he has been on fire with a 20 game point streak. He has 87 points in 57 games and is projected for 95 in 62. That is pretty insane. I think Connor Bedard will be the next great one.

Regina Pats' Connor Bedard named Western Hockey League's top rookie for  2020-21 | Globalnews.ca

Thanks for reading. Here is a link to elite prospects, and here is a link to Jayden and Ernest’s blog.                             

Predictions for NHL Playoffs Part 2 Atlantic Division

How’s it going everyone. This week is my second part of my NHL playoff predictions. For today I will show the Atlantic division some love. Comment down below what you think will happen in these playoffs.

Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins

This one is an absolute no brainer. Florida is in the top three teams of the league. Boston is still in ninth place but nowhere near Florida. Florida has wicked offense, great defensive play, and two goalies who can both play starter. Boston has decent offense but their offense is aging, and their defense is not as good as Florida’s. Swayman and Ullmark are pretty good but with less good defense in front of them, they are not as good. So far the season series is tied 1-1, but Boston’s win came from overtime and Florida’s came from 3 periods. Boston could have a chance if they get a top 4 defense or a two way forward at the trade deadline but overall I think Boston is just too old and they won’t have the same fight in them, especially because many of them have already won a cup. Florida has players who are still hungry for a playoff win, nevermind a Stanley Cup. Bobrovsky also knows how to play like a wall, like how he did against Tampa Bay in the Blue Jackets sweep a few years back. I think a 6 game series will have Boston taken care of.

Florida Panthers - Wikipedia

Boston Bruins - Wikipedia


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

I’m calling it right now, Tampa Bay is winning in Game seven. That is all that needs to be said. Don’t even argue me. Toronto has lost to a last place team in their division (Montreal Canadiens) and a first place (Washington Capitals) and second place (Boston Bruins) in the last 6 years. They have never won a single playoff series since 2004. Literally I have not lived to see the Maple Leafs win a playoff series. Besides the obvious that Tampa Bay is better anyway, I have a 99.99% prediction that the Leafs will lose to the Tampa Bay Lightning. There is nothing to analyze besides the Leafs playoff history here. I am predicting the Leafs will come so close but of course lose in Game 7.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Wikipedia

Maple Leafs Practice: Auston Matthews - April 18, 2018 - YouTube

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers

This is going to be either the second best or best playoff series in terms of how closely matched the teams are. Florida has solid offense, with high scoring players mixed with two way defensive-minded guys, and decent defenseman, as well as an amazing goalie who has experiences winning playoff series. Tampa bay has solid offense, with high scoring players mixed with two way defensive-minded guys, and decent defenseman, as well as an amazing goalie who has experiences winning playoff series as well. It could really go either way. I think even though Florida will have a better regular season and Tampa Bay has lost a bit of their depth, Tampa Bay is a different kind of beast in the playoffs. Tampa Bay’s core still knows how to take down the best teams in the world, and Florida hasn’t got there yet because they don’t have as much playoff experience. Andrei Vasilevski is quite a bit better than Bobrovsky, and Kucherov, Point, and Stamkos are better than Huberdeau, Barkov, and Sam Reinhart. However, the late addition of Claude Giroux to the Panthers is definitely going to help out the Panthers. I think this series will go to a game seven, and Tampa Bay will unfortunately lose their first playoff series since 2019. These teams are so evenly matched, but Tampa Bay will be too tired to continue this on and with back to back game seven series, I think they will look really good at the start of the series but the tiredness will get to them. It will be a Game seven that Tampa Bay will underperform because I think they will be really tired.

Tampa Bay Lightning win Stanley Cup, beat Montreal Canadiens in five games to claim back-to-back championships - CBSSports.com

Florida Panthers unveil adidas Reverse Retro Jersey - Litter Box Cats

Thanks for reading my Playoff predictions. Drop a comment  with what you agree with and what you think will happen. Here is a link to a cool video of hockey experts making their predictions, and here is the link to the NHL website. Also, checkout these two cool blogs.


Also Cool

If these matchups get changed and there is different teams playing eachother, I still have Florida and Tampa Bay winning.

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Predictions for NHL playoffs Part one Metropolitan division

What is up guys. Today I am going to make my predictions for this years NHL playoffs. This blog post will be about the Metropolitan division. I will go through each of my predicted playoff matchups and who will win the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Starting off with Carolina vs. Washington.

Last year I thought the Washington Capitals were going all the way and winning the cup for the second time in the last couple years. I was wrong as they lost in the first round. I am not going to make that mistake again. There is a chance for an upset but the Capitals roster is aging and they are missing big parts of their cup win back in 2018. They have less good goalies, for one, and their offense has lost its firepower, besides Alex Ovechkin, who just gets better and better. Ovechkin is a candidate for the Hart trophy this year, because he has so many goals and points. Carolina is just so much deeper though, with Sebastian Aho and Andrei Svechnikov scoring and when those two don’t perform Teuvo Teravainen, Seth Jarvis, and their defense can step up. Kotkaniemi could also step up, although he has been relatively quiet this year. Carolina has amazing goaltending, with Frederik Anderson coming back from some below average years in Toronto to one of the best in the league. Their defense is also very good, with Jaccob Slavin leading the way and Ethan Bear, as an addition before the season started, playing good hockey. The Hurricanes are dominating this year and I expect them to continue in the playoffs. Washington did win the only regular season game between the two so far 4-0, but Carolina has to lose some games and when playoff time comes, they have been to the conference final before and they know what it takes to make it past the first round. I am predicting a 6 game series Carolina victory.

The next matchup is Pittsburgh vs. the New York Rangers.

This is a close matchup. Starting at forwards, the Penguins have Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin who will do anything to win. However, they don’t have any other top players besides Jake Guentzel. Kasperi Kapanen and Jeff Carter add depth but not very good skill. If Evan Rodrigues is on his game, he can deliver at a point per game, but he has seemed to have fizzled out since that time when he was hot. New York has Artemi Panarin, Mika Zibanejad, and Chris Kreider as amazing top players who are delivering every night. Then youngsters Kaapo Kakko and Alexis Lafreniere can deliver sometimes as well. Ryan Strome and Barclay Goodrow add depth, and Goodrow knows what it takes to win a cup, as he did it twice with the Lightning. Then if you go to defense, Pittsburgh really only has Kris Letang, and the rest of their lineup in their top 6 is players who should be bottom 2 or scratch defense. New York is not that much better, but Adam Fox, reigning Norris champion, leads the way, with K’Andre Miller and Jacob Trouba following suit. Then the goalies come in. New York is the clear winner in this category, with Igor Shesterkin currently posting the second best single season save percentage in history, only Jacques Plante beating him. Backup Georgiev is decent for a backup. On the Penguins side, Tristan Jarry can deliver when he needs to but is nowhere near the calibre of Igor Shesterkin. Then they have Casey DeSmith who is not bad for a backup but he is incosistent and not trustworthy in the playoffs in my opinion. In the regular season so far, these two teams have played once and Pittsburgh won but it was off of Malkin’s goal, Sidney Crosby’s assist, in a 1-0 game. If New York shuts down those two key players from Pittsburgh, they can easily get out of the first round without a problem. I am predicting a 5 game series New York victory.

With these two teams moving on, it will be New York vs. Carolina for the Conference Final appearance. This one will be an interesting battle, as  it is possible either team could win. The last time they played Carolina won 6-3. That is how the whole series will go, in terms of goals. Both of these teams are high scoring and either of them could win. I think whoever gets 2 wins first will win. The New York Rangers will use their firepower though to win the whole thing. Barclay Goodrow knows what he needs to do to get the team pumped up and ready for a big win. Igor Shesterkin plays amazing when he needs to, and is the most reliable goalie in the entire league. Aho and Svechnikov could try to get a few past him, but the Rangers are going to be able to outscore their problems. Panarin, Fox, Zibanejad, and Kreider will all be able to outscore the Canes. I am thinking it will be a hard fought series, but the defense will not play a big part in it. Neither team’s defense is really that much better than the other, so it comes down to offense and goalies. Anderson is amazing, but Shesterkin is the best, and as I just said, the Rangers offense is better. So I am predicting a Game 7 Rangers victory.

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That is the end of my blog, thanks for reading. Here is a link to a cool blog, and also a link to this other awesome blog. Here is the NHL website.                                                                                                         

Also, if these matchups don’t happen and the teams play someone else, I still have Carolina and New York winning.