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I am Elijah Rempel and I am in seventh grade, but I am born in 2009 because I skipped a grade. I like playing hockey, reading about hockey, learning about hockey, and anything else hockey. I also like working out and hanging out with my friends. I can’t wait to go to grade eight because it is always more fun to be in the older group in school.

I have faced COVID obviously, and I got my first dose two weeks ago so I haven’t fully overcome it yet but soon I will hopefully get my second dose and hopefully they both work. I had to face a lot of changes in the area because restrictions keep just opening up a little and then shutting down fully again. This year hockey started and we played 3 games which was really fun but then it got shut down for the whole year. Then spring hockey opened and I played in PHD, (Professional Hockey Development) in Winnipeg and just as I started making friends with the people there everything shut down again. Luckily, we got quite a couple skates in and some scrimmages and I improved my physical game a lot. I used to try and get around people and not battle in the corners and I was not very strong but I grew in that when I was forced to get scrappy sometimes to keep up.

Some possible challenges for next year are COVID again. Lots of people are fully vaccinated but some people don’t believe in the vaccine and that will make COVID stay longer. Obviously you should stand for what you believe and you shouldn’t get the vaccine if you have a kind of health problem that could turn serious if you get the vaccine, but if you are just staying out of the vaccine because you think COVID is a hoax or there is microchips in the vaccine, then just trust me on this. First of all, COVID is real. If COVID was fake that would be the biggest trick of history. Multiple nations and doctors and heads of organizations would all be working together and no one saying with proof that COVID isn’t real is impossible. Second, the government isn’t going to pay money  to track you when you are paying them for your phone which has basically all of your personal information besides what you had for breakfast on it right there for them to see. Anyway, other challenges that could happen is the harder math in Grade eight. Grade eight has to do stuff like pythagorean theorem and net cubes or something like that which to me right now are really confusing.

This year I have learnt how to divide fractions and do a lot of different things with fractions. I have learned a lot of cool things in science, like air pressure, laminar vs turbulent flow, and optics. I have learned how to shoot a puck properly, which might sound weird because I have played hockey for 8 years but I wasn’t shooting to maximize flex. I have learned to get better accuracy and stickhandling (Some of my OWLs) . I have built up cardio to run faster miles (another OWL) and I have learned to juggle (Yet another OWL). I have learned not to take normal day life for granted. Life used to be so normal and now during COVID in movies that were written before COVID I always wonder why they’re not wearing masks or in public if I forget to put on my mask I feel weird. I am so used to masks that when I put on sunglasses the feeling on the top of my nose makes my think I am wearing a mask. I can’t wait for normal life again.

That is my end of year post. Congratulations to all the Grade eights graduating this year, I hope you all have a great time in high school. That is it. Thank you for reading this blog.

Also, if you are looking at this post after 2021 and COVID is over, celebrate! It is over! If that happens tell me what year it is in the comment box.

Interviewing Ernest


Alright, welcome back to another exclusive interview with a famous blogger. If you are reading this online, here is a link to his blog. Be sure to check it out…

Anyway, cheer if you want to get to the questions!


Alright, question 1

If you had your dream house, what colour would it be?

“Red inside, red outside, all those things would be red. And there would be dragons, all those dragons painted on the wall. That would be insane! SHEEEEEEEEEEESH!”

What’s your lucky number?

“23 my birthday brother!”

If you were to bet on which package would come first, would you bet  on FedEx or UPS


Can you sing your favourite song?

“No I dont have a favourite song I don’t know one bruh.”

Do  you hear yanny or laurel

“What is that  What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that What is that ”

What’s your favourite kind of shoe


if a girl walked up to you and kissed you what would you do?

“It depends who it is. I’ll punch her you know. No Im just kidding, I would just say ‘Okay'”

If you could either shave your head on the side or on the top what would you do?

“I would cut all of them.”

What’s your dream car?

“Probly Lamborghini and then umm… Porsche.”


Nikolaj “Fly” Ehlers WW publication 6



May 17, 2021

Mr. Ewert

Nikolaj “Fly” Ehlers

Schiefele, Wheeler, Hellebuyck, Connor, and Dubois. Those are the names that come to mind when you think of the Winnipeg Jets. Often overlooked is Nikolaj “Fly” Ehlers. Ehlers was welcomed by his family, which includes Heinz (father), Tina (mother), Sebastian (brother) and Caroline (sister), on February 14th, 1996, in Aalborg, Denmark.

At a young age he moved to Germany. Then in 2013 he moved to North America for the QMJHL.

His father, Heinz, played hockey in Europe and was selected by the New York Rangers in the NHL draft, but never played a game in the NHL. Sebastian, his brother, is currently playing in the top league in Denmark.

Ehlers played  youth and junior hockey in Switzerland with EHCL Biel. He was drafted sixth overall by the Halifax Mooseheads in the CHL import draft. He played two seasons with the Mooseheads and put up 86  goals and 205 points in 114 games. He was then taken 9th overall by the Winnipeg Jets in the 2014 NHL draft. In his first NHL season he put up 15 goals and 38 points in 72 games. He improved the next year with 25 goals and 64 points in 82 games. The next season he dropped to 60 points, but he had 29 goals that year.

The next season he only played 62 games, resulting in a career low 37 points, however, still reaching 21 goals.

Last year, in the Covid shortened season, he hit 58 points in 71 games; on track for a career high when COVID hit. If you look at his recent stats, he is scoring more and assisting less, showing he is growing into the Jets go-to goal scoring role.

This year he would have hit his career best if it was a full season. He had 21 goals and 46 points in 47 games. His full career stats are 416 games played, 136 goals, and 303 points. He also has a +49 (which means that he has been on the ice for 49 more goals that his team scored than how many the other team scored), showing he can play at both sides of the ice.

Nikolaj Ehlers is extremely underrated. The 6ft, 172 lb forward is widely considered one of the most underrated players in the NHL. In fact, in a series of polls conducted by Hockey Ranks (@hockey.ranks, Instagram), he was found to be tied for the third most underrated player in the NHL, and NHL on NBC calls him “One of the leagues most underrated players for a few years now.”

Ehlers has won many awards and had many achievements but he is not getting  recognition for it. He was rookie of the year in the QMJHL, won the QMJHL’s top professional prospect, the World Junior A challenge MVP, the first all star team in the QMJHL, he is already 5th in the Jets 2.0 franchise points. Even though he has played 100-300 games less than everyone above him, he played a huge role in the Jets  Western Conference Final run in 17-18 scoring 7 points in 15 games, and he has finished 3rd, 5th, 6th, 3rd, 4th, and 7th in Jets scoring in each of his past seasons since he joined the NHL.

He finished 37th in the NHL in points in the 20-21 season, and that may not sound great, but remember, there is over 900 players who play a game in the NHL per season, and about 540 who will play about a full season. So, that is pretty good.

I like him because he is a very good shooter and he scores a lot. He also plays a two hundred foot game with speed, and so I want to model my game after him. I think the way he plays makes him a very likeable player.

That is the story of Nikolaj “Fly” Ehlers. I hope you have learned about him.

Winnipeg Jets' Nikolaj Ehlers (27) celebrates his third period goal as Colorado Avalanche's Tyson Barrie (4) looks… | Jets hockey, Winnipeg jets, Nhl hockey jerseys

Interviewing Jayden


If you are reading this exclusive interview with this famous blogger, check out his blog by clicking here.


What’s your favourite sport?


Would you rather jump for your entire life or crawl for your entire life?


What’s your favourite colour?

“Orange or blue.”

If you could create a spots team, what sport would it be and what would they be called?

“Hockey, the Saskatchewan Scarecrows.”

If you could describe sound to a deaf person how would you do it?

“Something that comes through your ears.”

If you could go on any gameshow, what would it be?

“Who wants to be a millionaire, because I suck at it.”

Alright. thank you Jayden.





How to fix the Winnipeg Jets

Hi, today I am going to blog about how to fix the Winnipeg Jets and get them to win the Stanley Cup.

First of all, they NEED a new coach, Paul Maurice isn’t a bad coach but he is missing a key part of coaching. He never gives the players motivation. Sure, the players like it more if he always has their back, but the greatest coach ever, Scotty Bowman, had no feelings towards his players and he taught them that if you want to play in the NHL you have to play both sides of the ice and be really good at it too. Maurice is a great coach for developing players because he knows when to put them in the lineup and he isn’t too hard on them, but that is what the Jets were, not what they are. He needs to call his players out and teach them to play hard or else. So the best thing for the Jets is to fire Paul Maurice to a coach who can motivate his players. Someone like John Tortorella. I know that sounds like a bad idea but Torts knows how to push the right buttons  to motivate his players. The 2004 Stanley Cup that the Lightning won was  definitely part of Torts because he pushed his players to play at their top level.

Another thing they have to do is add a right handed defenseman. They have a really good lineup of lefties and young players  who play left defense, like Morrisey, Stanley, Heinola, Benn, Forbort, and Bealieu. However, on the right side they are much less deep. The only player who should play in the NHL is Pionk. This year, if they let go of Jordie Benn and Matthieu Perrault that would open up 6.125 Million and they could also resign Paul Stastny this year to a lower contract, around 3 million, and that would open up another 3.5 million, which would give them 9.625 million to sign a good right hander this free agency like Dougie Hamilton or Tyson Barrie. They could probably even sign one of them to a 5 million contract and then they could keep Perrault and just lower Stastny’s contract, but I think that that would give them a lower chance of getting one of them.

That would probably help them enough to make a deep run if not win the cup next year, but another thing they could do to try to get their team better would be to switch their lines for better chemistry on offence. They have good chemistry normally but sometimes they split up the lines and ruin the chemistry.  This is how I think their forward lines should look like.

LW               C                  RW

Connor      Schiefele     Wheeler

Ehlers        Dubois          Lewis

Perrault          Stastny         Copp

Vesalainen      Lowry           Toninato

Andrew Copp and Sami Niku lead Winnipeg Jets past Minnesota Wild - TSN.ca

Thank you for reading. Here is a link to Jaydens blog  and here is a link to Ernests blog and here is a link to the NHL website.                                                                     


Stewart the Book Reader Part one

Stewart was a kid who liked mostly nothing but he loved reading. He would spend his whole day reading. Even textbooks! He just loved the ways words would make his mouth and tongue move. He also loved getting really interested in a story. Everyone at school called him Stew, partly because it was short for Stewart, and partly because Stew was the only other thing he loved. He was fine with doing other things every once in a while, but these things were his absolute top of the rankings number one second to none love.

There was one other thing about Stew that is very important. If this wasn’t a trait of his, this story would never have been written. Stew was a literalist. Literally, he was a literalist. That would bother people sometimes, but other times it was not annoying. One day, he was reading his favourite book, The Hobbit. He heard adults say

“Wow, Stew really gets wrapped in those books!”

He was right in the middle of when Bilbo is talking to Smaug in the riddles, and that was his favourite part. Because he was a literalist, he hated when people said that.

I am not getting wrapped in this book! I am just very interested in it! Why do people say things like that, it is not even true! He thought.

If  I were to be wrapped in a book I would have to be like this!

And he took the page and wrapped it around his arm. All of the sudden, his arm was gone! He saw the book describe “Stewart’s arm” and realized his arm went inside the book! He really liked this scene and wanted to witness it in person so he set the book on the floor and hopped inside. Luckily, all the adults were talking about their stocks and which ones to buy so Stew had some time to explore before they would realize he was missing.

He fell from the sky and went right through the mountain to just beside Bilbo, because that was where he was reading. Bilbo was explaining who he was, so Stew quickly put his arm back on and then hid behind a stack of gold. He wanted a souvenir from this awesome time so he grabbed a gold coin and a gold cup. Unfortunately, the gold clanged together and Smaug heard it.

“Who dare steal my gold!” He said.

Bilbo knew what was coming so he hopped behind a pillar to be out of sight and scurried down a hall so that none of the fire reached him. Stew knew pretty well what would happen too, so he scurried up the hall that led to all of the Dwarves.

When he went up the hall, the Dwarves said;

“Who is this kid?”

“Some rookie.”

“I hope he knows what he got in too.”

“Yes, it is my turn to leave.”

“Shh, guys, I don’t think he knows. Remember that kid who lost his arm in here as we watched him? He looked pretty surprised. We should take it easy on him.”

“Well, remember, it is my turn to leave!”

Stew had no idea what they were talking about, but to meet his favourite characters was so cool that he was overflowing with happiness.

Smaug just melted the flesh off my bones in virtual reality - The Verge

What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out!

Here is a link to Jaydens and Ernests blog


The Story Behind Old MacDonald pt. 4 “Farming”

Gareth got a job at FormulaCreators again but they didn’t like how he kept on leaving so he got a minimum wage. He needed a new job still. He finally got his extra piece for a pig for bacon to work, but he figured out that it still hurt the pig so he ended up ripping up his  paper that showed how to make the formula. He really loved animals and he wanted to get a job with animals in it.

One day he was hanging out at Dominic’s, a restaurant where the whole town hung out. Dominic, the owner and one out of 3 chefs knew everyone. Now Gareth was 56 and now everyone around called him Old MacDonald. One day he went home and cried because he was very depressed. No one was even very nice to him for whatever reason. He calmed himself down by saying,

“Who am I? I am an


Inventor, an

Entrepreneur, that knows the world


Out” And so then whenever he was sad he would say


After a while it became a saying for him. He wouldn’t even be sad, it would basically just mean Look on the bright side.

One day at Dominic’s, Farmer Carl walked in. He went to the middle of the diner and stood on the table. He said,

“I am hiring so whoever wants to work at my farm can come work for a while.”

Gareth knew he needed a job and he realized that there are animals on a farm. He immediately stood up on his chair (Standing on his chair wasn’t necessary, he just wanted to get Carl’s attention before someone else took the job.) and he accepted the job. he worked at Farmer Carl’s farm for 2 years and left to make his own farm. He had good knowledge of farming and created one. He went and did the same entrance at Dominic’s to remember how his life changed and he got seven other people to stand on their chairs, which he thought was awesome.

He put up a sign at his farm that said

“Old MacDonald’s Farm


He thought the EIEIO was a nice touch because saying EIEIO got him through the rough years. Now he was a good farmer and lots of people respected him. He realized everyone liked him already but before he would say EIEIO he saw everything in a bad way. Then, one day, Justin Miller signed up to work at his farm. Justin used to be a singer so he made a jingle for Gareth’s farm. You all know how the jingle goes. And that is the story behind the legendary Old MacDonald.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm • Nursery Rhymes Song with Lyrics • Animated Cartoon for Kids - YouTube

Here is a link to Jayden’s blog and here is a link to Ernest’s blog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Ernest’s blog

I am going to honour Ernest’s blog.  He made  a post about his three favourite sports and I like a lot of the sports that he likes. He puts a lot of effort into all of his posts and he always has lots of facts that he found. He has really interesting posts and I like a lot of the same things as him.

here is his post about his favourite sports pt. 1.



NHL 2021 mock draft

Hello, today I am going to do an NHL 2021 mock draft. The lottery chances to win have been announced so I am going to predict who will win the draft lottery and who they will choose. A mock draft is like a fake draft that people use to predict what is going to happen. Here is my mock draft/draft predictions

Draft lottery predictions:

  1. Seattle Kraken
  2. Buffalo Sabres
  3. Detroit Red Wings
  4. Anaheim Ducks
  5. New Jersey Devils
  6. Columbus Blue Jackets
  7. San Jose Sharks
  8. Los Angeles Kings
  9. Ottawa Senators
  10. Vancouver Canucks
  11. Chicago Blackhawks
  12. Calgary Flames
  13. Philadelphia Flyers
  14. New York Rangers
  15. Dallas Stars

This is honestly just random orders and I might be kind of biased with how the Kraken are going at 1 but they have a possibility of getting the first pick.

Draft Pick predictions:

  1. Seattle Kraken select Owen Power

2. Buffalo Sabres select Dylan Guenther

3. Detroit Red Wings select Luke Hughes

4. Anaheim Ducks select Kent Johnson

5. New Jersey Devils select Simon Edvinsson

6. Colombus Blue Jackets select William Eklund

7. San Jose Sharks select Brandt Clarke

8. Los Angeles Kings select Matthew Beniers

9. Ottawa Senators select Carson Lambos

10. Vancouver Canucks select Chaz Lucuis

11. Chicago Blackhawks select Corson Ceulemans

12. Calgary Flames select Xavier Bourgault

13. Philadelphia Flyers select Fabian Lysell

14. New York Rangers select Nikita Chibrikov

15. Dallas Stars select Jesper Wallstedt

NHL.com Media Site - News - 2021 NHL Draft Lottery Set for Wednesday, June 2

This is not my main blog for the week but I was bored so I made another one. Here is a link to the top prospects from this year and here is Jaydens blog and Ernests blog.