Stephen Curry

Today I am going to be blogging about Steph Curry.

Who is Stephen Curry? Stephen Curry (pronounced Steffin Curry) is a point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He is 32 years old and is born on March 14th 1988 in Arkin, Ohio. He was born in  He stands at 6’2″ and a bit but he is rounded to 6’3″. He weighs 185 pounds. He is married to Ayesha Curry and has two daughters and a son named Canon (his son), Riley, and Ryan. Steph makes 40.23 million.

Basketball Steph is considered the best shooter in the NBA currently. He is  extremely good at shooting, especially at shooting for threes. He has made 2,640 three pointers and he has a .434 percentage for threes. He  has the second most three pointers ever and he is close to making the most. He is only behind Ray Allen, who is sitting at 2973.

Achievements: Stephen Curry has been ranked 13th best player of all time by ESPN. He is the second highest  active player, only behind Lebron James.  He won the Most valuable player award 2  times, in 2015 and 2016.  He has won the NBA Title 3 times and he has been an All-NBA Allstar 6 times. Curry is one of the best NBA players ever and by the time he is done I think he might be in the top 10 in ESPN’s list.

Image result for stephen curry

Image result for stephen curry

Here is a link to Steph Curry’s career stats.                                                  

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Check it this amazing blog with a lot of basketball

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The Eric Lindros Trade

Hi, today I am going to do write about the Eric Lindros trade, which won the Colorado Avalanche/Quebec Nordiques 2 Stanley Cups. I did this post  because of a video I watched from Sportsnet. There was a lot of branches in the tree and so I will only cover two of the branches and show you a picture of the rest of the tree.

The trade went down one year after the Nordiques drafted him 1st overall in the 1991 draft. The Flyers received Eric Lindros, and the Nordiques/Avalanche received Steve Duchesne, Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci, Chris Simon, a first round draft pick in ’93 and a first in ’94, and 15 million dollars. At the time, the best player in the sport, Wayne Gretzky was getting 3 million, so you could literally get the best player in the history of the game ever five times. The two draft picks turned into Nolan Baumgartner and Jocelyn Thibault.

The Draft Pick branch of the Trade tree: Jocelyn Thibault, packaged with Martin Rucinsky and Andre Kovalenko, for  Mike Keane, and Patrick Roy. Keane was the Habs captain at the time, and Roy was obviously the best goalie at that time and is the best goalie ever. That alone was probably enough for the Avs to win a cup, but  that was a very small branch in the tree.

The next tree I am going to cover is the Chris Simon branch. Simon, packaged with Leschyshin were sent to Washington for Keith Jones, and a first and a fourth in ’98. The first became Scott Parker, and the fourth became Krys Barch. Then the Avs traded Parker for an ’03 5th, which turned into Brad Richardson. Then they traded two fourths and a fifth in ’98 for a third in ’98 which was Evgeny Lazarev. The Avalanche traded Keith Jones for Sjon Podein and then traded Podein to acquire Mike Keane. The last part of the trade branch was in 2008 when the Avalanche traded Brad Richardson to the Kings for an ’08 second round pick, who turned into Peter Delmas.

Here is a picture of the full trade tree

Image result for eric lindros philly trade tree

Thanks for reading. Here is a link to Steve Dangle talking about the full trade tree.

Here is a link to Jayden’s blog. He talks about cool hockey stuff so go check it out!                                                                                                                                


Top 10 teams of the next generation part 3

Hi, for my last two blogs I was doing the top 10 teams of the next generation in my opinion. It is covering the teams that have great young stars who will turn the team into a cup contender in the next 5+ years. Today I am going to be covering 3-1.

Here is what I have for 10-4:

10. Anaheim Ducks

9. Arizona Coyotes

8. Minnesota Wild

7. Chicago Blakchawks

6. New York Rangers

5. LA Kings

4. Buffalo Sabres

Here are the top three:

3. New Jersey Devils

The Devils team is made up of young players. A lot of the players are young. They drafted a shining star first overall named Jack Hughes. He had a disappointing rookie season ending up with less points then the second overall, Kaapo Kakko. Hughes, however, has came back stronger then Kakko this year, and stronger then most of the Devils players. Hughes and Hischier have both been drafted first overall and in the last couple of years. After drafting Hischier, the Devils made the playoffs, but then the next year they sucked again and got the first overall pick again. The young offense for them includes Hughes, Hischier, Sharanagovich, Bratt, Zacha, Mclead, Holtz, who was their first rounder this year, Mercer, Foote, Boqvist and Bastian. Their defense includes Ty Smith, Bahl, Walsh, Mukhamadullin, and Edwards. All of these guys can learn by playing beside P.K. Subban, one of the top defenseman in the league. Their goaltending depth has Comrie, Daws, and Blackwood, who could all be competing for the starter position someday. Overall, the Devils have a skilled youung team with the talent to be a cup finalist contender at least in the next 5 years.

Image result for new jersey devils

2. Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are playing absolutely terrible this year, but they luckily do have some light at the end of the tunnel. Right now it’s an oncoming train, but I think with the youth they have they could turn it into daylight. They have extraordinary offense with Stutzle, Tkachuk (Brady), White, Norris, Batherson, Greig, Lodin, and Pinto. But their defense is even better, with Chabot, Zub, Sanderson, Brannstrom, and Novak. They don’t have as many top prospects as the Devils, but they are doing bad enough this year that they are going to get a lot more players ready, while the Devils are getting closer to finishing up the rebuild. The Sens need better goaltending, with Matt Murray, who looked like he was going to be the Carey Price of the next generation back in 16-17, but he has just gotten worse since then.

Image result for ottawa senators

1.  Detroit Red Wings

The Wings have insane prospects in their system, and GM Steve Yzerman has done really good at getting rid of the bad contracts of the old guys that he was left with. Yzerman built the Tampa Bay Lightning from scratch, and with the prospects already in Detroit it will be easier to do the same. He is always shocking the world with his draft picks, like Moritz Seider at 6th overall. The Wings offense that is 25 and under includes Larkin, Bertuzzi, Zadina, Veleno,  Raymond, Fabbri, Berggren, Rasmussen, Soderblom, Barber, Draper, Hirose, Erne, and Brome. Then, their defense includes Seider, Hronek, Wallinder, Viro, McIsaac, Lindstrom, Beglund, Holway, Cotton, Cholowski, and Hicketts. The goaltending does need a lot of work though, but the Wings are going to be cup contenders, and probably winners, in the next 5-10 years.

Image result for detroit red wings

Thanks for reading. Here is a link to Jaydens blog and here is a link to the NHL website.                                                                            




Top 10 teams of the next generation part 2

Hello, last time I wrote a blog it was the top 10 teams of the next generation part 1. I am doing a series of the top 10 rebuilding teams. So it isn’t doing the best teams like Tampa  Bay, but it is doing the top teams that will be the next Tampa Bay. A recap of last time:

10. Anaheim Ducks

9. Arizona Coyotes

8. Minnesota Wild

7. Chicago Blackhawks

Today I will be doing 6-4

6. New York Rangers

The New York Rangers have a team that will be good right now and in 7  years. They have good veterans like Kreider, Zibanejad, Panarin, and defense veterans like Trouba and Johnson. These guys will be able to teach the next generation. The Rangers have young guys on offense like Lafrieniere, Kakko, Lemieux, Howden, Chytil, Gauthier, and 25 year old Buchnevich. That is only on offense. On defense they have Fox, Miller, and Lindgren. And they have two great goalies in Shesterkin (25) and Goergiev (24). Both these goalies have starter talent at a young age. Their biggest problem is defense, but really Miller will be a good top 2 D in 2 years and so in those two years they will have Trouba, Fox, Johnson, and Miller, which would be one of the best top 4 groups in the league. The Rangers have been on to a rough start this year but I think they will need only two more years to develop and they will probably be a cup contender. If they keep this core of the team and the youngsters they will be a Stanley Cup finalist or conference finalist most every year.

Rangers Hockey Returns: Next Stop... Play In Round - Blueshirt Banter

5. LA Kings

The LA Kings announced that they are done rebuilding last summer, which was literally only 2 years of rebuilding. They will definitely keep rebuilding for a while, but they have pieced together a great group of players well keeping Kopitar hot and keeping Brown and Carter and Doughty on their team. They have a lot of great young guys with top 6 potential like Byfield, Turcotte, Anderson (yes, the one that threw his silver medal into the stands. He requested a trade and ended up here), Kempe, Vilardi, Kaliyev, and Lizotte. Thats on offense. On D they have more potentially great players like Bjornfoot, Roy, Anderson, and Clague. Roy doesn’t have much potential, but he is 25 and a player that will be great on line 2 or 3. The Kings have one goalie prospect who is already 26 by the name of Cal Peterson. He is pretty old to develop into a good starter so I think the Kings really need to draft goalies and they also need to draft some more defense, but their offense is looking to be one of the greatest of all time.


Kings hope late-season surge indicates brighter future | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports

4. Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have been rebuilding since forever, but they are finally getting somewhere. They have a core of Eichel (24) Hall (29) Skinner (28) Staal (36) Reinhart (25) Ristolainen (26) and Olofsson (25)  All these guys are pretty young, and Eichel is actually the youngest. Eichel and Reinhart where both 2nd overall picks, but I think that they should’ve chose Leon Draisaitl or David Pastrnak instead. But they have lately been drafting well. Back in 2017 I said that in 5 years the Sabres will be in the playoffs, and I think that in 2022 they will be in the playoffs. their young forwards include Eichel, Cozens, Middlestadt, and Thompson, and their defense includes Samuelsson, Johnson, Dahlin, and Jokiharu. They have players that are ready to develop very  soon so I think that in 1-2 years they will have their players ready to make the playoffs and then once their players are all in their prime the Sabres will be on the top of the league.

NHL Trade & Free Agent Candidates - Buffalo Sabres | NHL Rumors

Thank you for reading. Come back next time for the top 10 teams of the next generation part 3 where I will cover 3-1. Here is a link to the NHL Website and here is a link to Jayden’s blog He has a lot of cool stuff on there about hockey so be sure to check it out.                                                                        


Top 10 teams of the next generation Part 1

Hello, if you remember, awhile ago I did a blog series on the top 10 current teams, so now I am doing the top 10 teams of the next generation. This is teams that have young players who need only a couple years to develop and they will be really good. Today I am going to do 10-7.

10. Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks have a team showing age, with the best of their franchise in the past. They had their glory days with Selanne, Perry, Giguere, and Getzlaf. They have started rebuilding, and their brightest prospect is Jamie Drysdale, their first round pick this past year.  He is a star defenseman who will be the core of the next generation team they have. Along with Josh Manson, their D looks really good in the next couple years. They also have Max Comtois, who is a shining star this year and at a very young age too. However, I don’t think the team they have right now is good enough to win the cup anytime in the next 10 years. They are going to have to draft well to really be a dominant force in a couple years.

Anaheim Ducks need new direction and new outlook

9.  Coyotes

The Coyotes already have a great core and a pretty good team built around them, they just need to get experience. 2-3 years ago I might have had them a bit higher, as they would’ve had younger players and high draft picks. Now, their team is more about now then later. I think that they need to add veteran presence and grow their youngsters for another 2 years and they will have a 3rd round playoff caliber team. I think they could win the Stanley cup, but their defense needs work. With current young forwards like Barret Hayton, Clayton Keller, and Christian Dvorak, Christian Fishcer, etc. they have amazing forwards that will be in the top 5 very soon. Their defense, however, needs work. They have been relying on Oliver Ekman-Larsson for way to long and it is time to find more defense to back him up. Their goaltending at first sight is not good but really, Darcy Kuemper is among the top goaltenders in the league. They made a push last year to win a couple rounds by acquiring Taylor Hall and Phil Kessel. They still have Kessel, which is a great veteran. I think all they need is defense to make it into the third round, however a lot of teams are looking for defenseman, so if they can’t get atleast one top D they might not win.

Around the West: the Arizona Coyotes are actually good - Mile High Hockey

8.  Minnesota Wild

The Wild made a good move by getting rid of their aging captain Mikku Koivu. They have a good core of Zach Parise, Jared Spurgeon, Matt Dumba, and Cam Talbot. I can’t say enough good things of their defense, with Dumba, Spurgeon, Suter, Jonas Brodin, and Ian Cole. That group is ahead of their team, though, as they are all aging and so if the Wild don’t make a push in the next five years they might have to start using all their draft picks on D to fill the spot. Their goaltending has a bright young star in net with Kaapo Kahkonen, at 24 years old. Most goalies start to become a starter at around 25, so Kahkonen is following suit well. He has been really good this year, and he could become their starter over Talbot and Hammond. The Wild have young stars including guys like Marco Rossi, Kirill Kaprizov, Eriksson Ek, and Kevin Fiala, all forwards, and none of them over the age of 24. These players all might seem like they aren’t that good, but they are all players who in 5 years will be the guys you are hearing about all the time. If the Wild get some young Defense they will be the a team with a real big shot at the cup in 3-5 years.

Puck Drop Preview: 2019-20 Minnesota Wild - Last Word On Hockey

7. Chicago Blackhawks

Only this past offseason the Blackhawks announced a rebuild, even though they already have key players to get them to the top again. They have drafted well and traded well and in around 3 years they might have all the players necessary to win another cup. Their star players right now are obviously Kane, Toews, and Keith. These guys are all getting old and I think that they might not be around by the time the next generation is ready. Maybe they will be, but they will be old and playing on bottom lines. They have young players, though, that will help them stop the days where you are at the bottom of the league with nothing but aged veterans. Guys like Kirby Dach, Dominick Kubalik, Alexander Nylander, Alex Debrincat, and Adam Boqvist. All are forwards except Boqvist, but the Hawks, with this core group, can focus on drafting just Defense and Goaltenders. They really need to put in some work on the last line of defense, as their only tendies are Malcolm  Subban, a 27 year old backup at most, and Collin Dehlia, a guy who should probably be in the ECHL. Dehlia is 26, which is usually to old to become a star starter, so they will need to draft the top goalies, but other then goalies and defense, they have a team already set to bring home the cup.

Chicago Blackhawks fantasy preview for 2019-20

Thank you for reading. Be sure to come back for 6-4 next time. Here is a link to the NHL website, and here is a link to Jayden’s blog. He has more hockey stuff there so be sure to check it out.

Update in the NHL

For today’s blog I am going to do an update in the NHL. The season has started this season and most teams are already around 8 games in, which is almost a fifth of this shortened season.


Last Saturday the Colombus Blue Jackets completed a trade with the Winnipeg Jets, sending Pierre-Luc Dubois there way and a 2022 3rd rounder in return for Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic. This trade may seem lopsided but really Laine is going to hate Tortarella (Colombuses coach) and having depth down the center will really help in the post-season this year for the jets. This move could really go either way, but only time will tell who wins.

Blue Jackets trade Dubois to Jets for Laine, Roslovic

There are two more small name trades to report that both happened this last week.

One was a trade between the Sharks and Ducks, with the Sharks receiving F Jack Kopacka, and the Ducks receiving D Trevor Carrick. Then, the Sharks traded away Jack Kopacka and a 7th for the Ottawa Senators defenseman Christian Jaros.


The standings currently are

  1. Toronto










11.St. Louis





16.Los Angeles

The other teams standings are available following this link. The teams I put here are the teams that are in the top half of the league, meaning that these teams are probably either close or in a playoff spot right now. The reason they wouldn’t be in a playoff spot is because the spots are divisional, so the top 4 teams from each division will make it. The Jets, for example, area seventh in the league, but third in their division. The divisions are made up of 7-8 teams each.

Those are the updates around the league, Jan.29, 2021.

Here is a link to the trade tracker.

Here is a link to Jayden’s blog for more stuff about Hockey.

Tim Stutzle

Hi, today I am blogging about Tim Stutzle.

Tim Stutzle (Pronounced Tim Stootzleh) is an Ottawa Senators forward who was drafted last year behind Quinton Byfield and Alexis Lafreniere. He is German. He has played 4 games so far this year and has 1 goal for his only point. He is a minus 5, but for a rookie on the worst team of the league he is actually pretty good. He is 19 years old and wears jersey #18. He was born on January 15th, 2002.

Tim Stutzle played for Germany in the WJC and he played great there, racking up 10 points, 5 goals, 5 assists, in 5 games. And put into consideration that he was playing on Germany, obviously not the best team. He looks like he will be the core of the Senators, along with Brady Tkachuk and Thomas Chabot.  He plays center or left wing. I think if he stays with the Sens, he will win a cup at around 30 years old, once their team is all in their prime.

Tim Stutzle is a really good stickhandler and he is pretty fast too. He has incredible puck skills, and his first goal came by a puck flipping into the air and he slapshotted it right before it hit the ice. His only problem is playing physically, and that is a problem for the Sens, because they need some more grit. I think this year he is going to get around 20 points, and probably around 10 goals. He might be disappointing though, like Jack Hughes, who had less points then Kaapo Kakko last year. I think, though, that once he breaks out he will become an all-star on the Senators.

Tim Stützle – DobberProspects

This is a link to Tim  Stutzles Elite Prospects page.                                        

and here is a link to Jayden’s blog. He has really cool stuff on there so go check it out.                                                                               

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Fun Things to do in the winter

Hi welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to talk about fun things to do in the winter.

1. Playing Hockey

Hockey is my favourite sport and really my favourite thing. It is really fun to score a goal or get adrenaline when you get the puck so you go faster and get on a breakaway. I find that when I am skating hard in a game to get on a breakaway I don’t even get tired, I just focus on scoring. Plus hockey is a great team game and it is fun to be with the team travelling around which we unfortunately cant do this year.

The NHL's Most Valuable Teams

2. Skiing and snowboarding

I have never snowboarded before but I want to and I have skied before and it is really fun. This winter I went cross country skiing and the first 2 times it wasn’t that fun but then I got shorter poles that fit me and then it was fun. I like downhill skiing more though. I went downhill skiing in Stony Mountain last year and it was really fun. I like doing jumps on the ramps there.

Triple-I Blog | How Insurance Covers Skiing Accidents

3. Building stuff out of snow

I like building snow forts sometimes, and this year after I shoveled our trampoline there was a massive snow pile at the entrance, but I never built a full fort yet. It is fun to make one with a secret entrance and then other people don’t know how to get in, and it is also fun to have a snow fight with your base and another person’s base.

Snow fort - Wikipedia

4. Sled Racing

Here in Arborg you cant sled race because the hill we have isn’t big enough, although it is pretty big, but in Hecla beside the resort there is a huge hill that you can race down and it is really fun. I like sledding when I have fast sleds, because then you really have fun. I tried to make a ramp this year but I plowed right through it because the ramp wasn’t strong enough, but if I ever find or make a better ramp it would be fun to jump.

Sledding Safety - National Safety Council

5. Read a book

When it is too cold outside to do anything you can just sit inside and read a book. Some books I read are kind of boring but what you have to do to make it not boring is find your reading level and then it is really fun to read. Sometimes at school they look at your reading level, but they look at how good you can read, not what interests you. So if you can read words at high school level, you might be better with language but you wont have as much fun as reading at your level.

The 12 Most Impactful Books to Read in 2018 | Inc.com6. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is really fun, and besides hockey it is my most favourite winter thing to do. I love driving around in the snow. It is also really fun to get some air. Another good part about snowmobiling is that you can go for a long time until you run out of gas, and then you can fill it up again.

Snowmobile Rentals - Snowmobiling Rentals Ontario - Snowmobile for Rent

Thanks for reading, put what you like to do in the winter down in the comments. Here is a link to the NHL website  

and here is a link to my friend Jayden’s blog. Be sure to check it out because he has really cool posts on there.               


Writers Workshop Publication #4- Jack Smith and the One Hundred Million Dollar Robbery

We have been working on another writers workshop and I chose to do a descriptive since that was the only one I haven’t done yet. It is called Jack Johnson and the One Hundred Million Dollar Robbery


Jan. 11

Mr. Ewert

Writers Workshop

Jack Smith and the $100,000,000 Case

My name is Jack Smith. I’m a private eye, but you can call me a detective. I solve crimes for a living. One morning, as I was paying my bills, I was presented a case.

A bald, big man slammed open the door of my dark, dirty office. He didn’t look like the type to present an easy case, but then again, none of them do. He said his name was John Johnson, owner of Johnson bank, the largest one in this side of the milky way. It was big, and rich too. I had heard of it before, and after all, who hadn’t? He told me what happened.

He was leaving work after a meeting. Only the secretary, Gary Gorilla, and the electrician where there. Gary was helping the electrician fix a broken ATM machine. John had told Gary he could leave, but Gary wanted to stay late to earn more money. Besides, It was important to fix it, as 3 bank robbers in the area had escaped prison. Casie Jones, Frank Miller, and Bob Birdbrain. It was a Friday, so when he returned to work on Monday, all the money in the vault was gone. That was all the knowledge on the case. The three robbers caught though, all on Sunday evening. Casie Jones and Frank Miller were both caught at the Big Win Casino, but Bob Birdbrain was caught on Elmer Street, the same street as the bank was on. The police report said he had a sack, but when he ran through a couple alleys and they caught him, he didn’t have it anymore.

I went to the local prison and talked to them all. The prison was very grey and boring. Not the place you would want to be stuck in. Frank Miller admitted that he was robbing the casino but he was never on Elmer Street once. Casie Jones was very quiet, except a few grunting noises. Then as I was just about to leave and add him to a top runner, he said that if he was ever on Elmer Street, I could call him banana. I chose to trust him, or at least not put him on the list of my top suspicions. I wanted to know from everyone first before putting him up there just because he didn’t speak much.  I went to the real suspect, Bob Birdbrain. He told me that the sack was empty and he was just looking for some food, because he was starving. He said his sack was stolen by some guy wearing a fancy suit. Then, the guy who stole it climbed up the side of the building. I asked him if he knew the guys name. He said there was a nametag but he was sworn to secrecy. He pounded his chest as I walked away, as if to say, “You cant get anything out of me.” Although I did get quite a bit out of him. A person who makes that story must be the real robber.

I still thought I should get more information, as I could’ve just interpreting something wrong. I met up with my friends, Luis Mendoza and Kenny DeSmith, at an old coffee shop. The smell of coffee helps me concentrate. After I told them what I had so far, Luis said, “I don’t think it was any of your suspects. They were giving clues about something else.” He was deep in concentration, and he seemed like he was on the verge of an answer. Then Kenny said, “I just moved into a new neighbourhood and I haven’t met anyone yet. I do know that someone got there late Friday night in a red convertible. They both carried suitcases and one had a sack. One person had a fancy suit that looked all shredded, but I couldn’t make out the faces because it was so dark. They were gone the next morning, but there could be clues at their house. One paper was on their driveway and knowing that you might need it because of all the sketchy stuff happening around there, I took it. It says 341-287.”

“Woah! That’s the vault password!” I nearly spit out my cappuccino when Kenny said that.

I figured I’d go investigate the bank. There was a lock on the door of John Johnson’s office, but he opened it for me. I looked in his office, which was neat, except for in one place. I walked over to an old shoe box, where there was a slit cut open on the top. It looked like it was cut open from a small rectangular shape, like a nametag. John told me that was where he hid the piece of paper with the vault password. I walked out of his office and saw the ATM was fixed. I investigated it and saw a nametag was shoved in there, keeping it in place. The name was smudged off, but there was a picture of a gorilla on it, like it was a joke someone pulled. Mr. Johnson said he hadn’t seen the nametag before. Then, suddenly it clicked.

“John, have you seen a red convertible here before?”

“Yes! It was driven by Gary Gorilla. He moved away just on Saturday. He was so polite. He wore the nicest suits.”

“I’ve solved your case! It was Gary Gorilla, your secretary. He stayed late on Friday to get the money with the electrician, who you gave the keys to your office so he could access anything he needed. He used  the key to get in and used one of Gary’s old nametags. The cutting smeared off the name, but they didn’t realize the picture hadn’t. They thought it was all good, but they threw the nametag in the ATM just in case. The electrician was the only one who would ever look in the ATM anyway, or so they thought. Coincidentally, the ATM started working anyway, but they never noticed. They opened the vault because they now had the password and took the money. Then, when they were about to leave, they saw Bob Birdbrain looking at them. He ran away, and a police car came and found him. Gary and the electrician didn’t want him to tell the police, so they ran though another alley to find him. They took his sack so he wouldn’t get caught, and they ran away. They went up an old fire exit but in the darkness, it looked like they were climbing walls. Their first mistake was a nosy neighbour.” And I winked at Kenny, who had just shown up.

Gary and the electrician went to prison, and I stayed in my coffee smelling, messy office where I wait until my next case.


Pokémon: Detective Pikachu' is a deeply bizarre love letter to pocket monsters

To Really Know Your Culture, Become a Detective – TLNT

Dollar Money Bag | Money bag, Dollar money, Money design

Mark Rober

Mark Rober is an American YouTuber who uses science to do cool stuff, like making an ice cream safe, or a glitter bomb, making the worlds largest lemon powered battery, or making a squirrel American Ninja Warrior course,  and he does other things too, like seeing if sharks can actually smell blood, or what type of blood they like the most, and an honesty test where he dropped 10 wallets in different cities like Winnipeg, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, plus some smaller towns. They are really interesting videos. Today I am going to talk about him.

My favourite video from Mark Rober is not really any of them because I like them all so much because they are all interesting. My top ones would be one of the two shark blood videos, glitter bomb 3.0, the squirrel ninja warrior course, the honesty test, the jello pool, or the carnival scam science, but I am sure I missed a few. The reason I like these are because they have science in them but they are things that also are not just like breaking down the human body or something boring like that. He makes sure all his science experiments are fun and interesting. He had a science fair ideas video and he said that you should be sure to do something that applies in real life which is really smart and it makes everything way more fun.

Mark Robers most popular video is “Skin a Watermelon Party Trick” and it is really interesting and cool. His next 5 are “Worlds largest Jello Pool” and “Liquid Sans Hot tub” and “Testing if Sharks can Smell a Drop of Blood” and “CARNIVAL SCAM SCIENCE” and “Worlds Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment” These videos all have upward of 60 Million views, and “Skin a Watermelon Party Trick’ has 111 Million Views. Mark Rober has 16.1 Million subscribers. His newest video is “Glitter Bomb 3.0” Because every year he makes a fake amazon package at around Christmas time that you can tell is fake if you read all the packaging, but none of the thiefs ever do. When they open the package they get a surprise bomb of glitter going all over the place, and also some fart spray releases. He has 4 phones inside the bomb taping out of small holes in the box so that you can get a 360 view of what is happening. He gets a reaction every time and it is really funny. This year he added Skunk fart spray to make it smell even worse, and he added voice and some police lights. It goes like this, (opens box) (glitter releases) “WOAH! AHH IT’S ALL OVER THE PLACE! WHAT IS THIS (some yelling from the other room begins and more people walk into the room where it was opened.) then it makes police lights, police noises, and releases the fart and skunk fart spray. Then, a countdown begins, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 , (the person who opened it is sprinting to get it out of the door by now) 4, 3, 2, 1” Then Mark goes to recover the box after they throw it out the door and he puts it in front of another person’s house who volunteered and it happens all over again.

YouTuber uses glitter bomb, fart sprayer to punish package thieves - CNET

This is Mark in a fake Mustache and he is pretending to be the bad guy.

Report: YouTuber Mark Rober working as Apple engineer to create VR tech for  self-driving cars - 9to5Mac

Thanks for reading. Comment what your favorite Mark Rober video is

Here is a link to the glitter bomb 3.0 video (Warning, there is swearing, but he always beeps it out) and here is a link to his youtube channel.